at El Rodizio

At El Rodizio – a Latin American restaurant and steakhouse rolled into one – we indulge you with Portuguese, Brazilian and Mexican specialities. Rodizio is, of course, the main concept, but our menu also offers interesting dishes for other guests who aren’t looking to eat so much. From typical Brazilian feijoadas or Portuguese espetadas – spits grilled on lava stones -, to enchiladas, fajitas and other treats, we’ve got something to suit everyone’s (including vegetarians’) tastes.

Added to this is a classic steak menu with beef fillets, rump steaks and entrecotes. The meat comes exclusively from Argentina – and is cut to the gross weight requested by you in the order. The steaks are prepared on a lava-stone grill, giving them an unmistakable flavour – a MUST for any meat lover.

The popular Dry aged beef, which we are aging in our special fridge is another Highlight. after this we cut it in different steak types. So you will find T - Bone Steak, Porterhouse Steak or a Prime Rib.

There is also a vast selection of drinks, ranging from port, to Brazilian lemonade (guarana), Argentinian wines and sangria to 100% agave tequilas, which are free of fusel alcohols and enhanced without salt and lemon or orange and cinnamon. We also recommend - whether at the start, during the meal, or after the meal – our caipirinha, which we prepare as per the original Brazilian recipe using white cane sugar and ice cubes.

We hope to see you soon.