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Rodizio "All you can eat"


always from monday to saturday
from 17:00 o'clock and every advent sunday

El Rodizio - the steakhouse at the Postplatz is a Latin American restaurant. We spoil you with Brazilian and Portuguese dishes and a variety of steak specialties. The speciality of our house is Rodizio - the unique "All you can eat" in Dresden. Thereby the Cortadores (modern Gauchos), cut over and over again the most different meat delicacies, directly from the spit on your plate. There is also no shortage of side dishes, salads and sauces. Experience this highlight in Dresden only with us.

If you like it more exclusive, you can choose from our extensive steak menu. This includes, as usual, classic premium cuts such as fillet of beef or entrecôte as well as newly discovered cuts, which are hardly available in Dresden. These are already considered a real insider tip in the USA and have now also made it to our grill.

Not to forget our dry aged beef. Marvel at the huge beef backs, which hang in our maturation cabinet and enjoy a taste experience of a special kind. 

These huge beef backs hang for about 3 weeks at 2 degrees Celsius and about 80% humidity in our maturation cabinet. Due to the dry aging on the bone, a large part of the meat juice evaporates, thus the meat loses about a third of its initial weight. This is in no way a bad thing, because only now the meat is wonderfully tender and perfect to enjoy.

Let us advise you which steak suits you best. We obtain our meat from regional suppliers such as the Radeberger Fachfleischerei Korch, the successful Wagyu breeder Klaus Möbius from the Erzgebirge, as well as the best quality from South America, USA, Ireland or Australia. The steaks also get an unforgettable taste through the preparation on a lava stone grill.

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