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rodizio spiess picanha

servieren von rodizio





The unique “All you can eat” dinner in Dresden.

always Thursday, Friday, Saturday

and every first Sunday of the month

from 17:00 o'clock for 36,-€ p.P.

Next extra Rodizio Dates:

09.04.2023 Eastersunday
starts at 15 o'clock
30.04.2023 starts at 15 o'clock
28.05.2023 starts at 15 o'clock

Rodizio is not a restaurant chain; Rodizio is a Brazilian speciality which is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, and translates to “rotating or turning”. After over 300 years, this has a double meaning at our restaurant:

On one hand, the rotating refers to the large skewers in the grill containing all sorts of meat delicacies, such as turkey wrapped in bacon, Brazilian sausages, legs of lamb, different pork skewers, pork filled with cheese and wrapped in bacon, chicken and picanha, and on the other, it refers to our cortadores (modern-day gauchos), who constantly circulate around the restaurant slicing these juicy pieces of meat off the skewer and onto your plate.

Before the main meal starts, we provide a salad, various dips and baguettes on the table, which can be refilled how often you want. Then it’s down to business, because that’s when the cortadores come in with the meat skewers and slice the delicacies off the skewer onto your plate as often as you wish.

Additional the waiters always come with a range of freshly prepared sides, such as grilled potatoes, polenta, frijoles (black beans with bacon), carrots, broccoli, rosemary potatoes, apple rings and bananas.

Vegetarians also get their money’s worth, because even if you don’t like meat, you can fill yourself up on the sides, salad, dip and baguettes. Vegetarians who eat fish can also treat themselves to grilled fish.

Everything can be brought to the table as often as you wish as soon as it is ready. And to finish, you’ll then be given some sweet culinary delights.

To add a bit of fun to things, you can send us signals using the traffic lights provided on your table; because dining has never just been about having a full plate.

 Green : “We’re hungry.”

 Red : “We’d like a break." or “I’m full.”

Fun and joie de vivre are just as important, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience at our Rodizio.