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What does "DRY AGING" mean?

"It sends meat connoisseurs into ecstasy: Dry aged beef delivers the best steaks in the world.
beef, produces the best steaks in the world. In the USA, the bone-matured
have been a cult favorite for decades. Now the Germans are also rediscovering
are rediscovering the old art of butchery."                                        

-Manager Magazine report Takis Würger -

This is precisely why we decided to take this step and are now one of the first restaurants in
now produce, as one of the first restaurants in Dresden, our own
Dry Aged Beef. You can marvel at the pieces of meat in our maturing cabinet in the
restaurant. Depending on the offer we buy beef saddle e.g.: from Ireland, America and
Germany. These huge beef backs hang for at least 3 weeks at 3 degrees Celsius and about 90% humidity in our maturation cabinet.

Due to the dry maturation on the bone, a large part of the meat juice evaporates,
thus the meat loses about one third of its initial weight. This is in no way
way bad, because only now the meat is wonderfully tender and perfect to enjoy.