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In El Rodizio - a Latin American restaurant and steakhouse at the same time we spoil you with Portuguese and Brazilian specialties. Of course, Rodizio is the main concept, but also for all other guests who don't feel like eating so much, our menu offers interesting dishes. Starting with a Soljanka - a la Rodizio over salads and burgers everybody (also vegetarians) will find something for his taste.

Furthermore, a classic steak menu with fillet of beef, rump steak and entrecôte is added. These meats are exclusively from Argentina and are cut to your desired raw weight when ordered. The preparation of the steaks is done on a lava stone grill, this gives them a distinctive flavor, a MUST for every meat lover.

Another speciality is the dry aged beef. Marvel at the impressive beef backs in our maturing cabinet in the restaurant. Here they hang for about 3 weeks at 2 degrees Celsius and 80% humidity. Due to the dry aging on the bone, a large part of the meat juice evaporates, whereby the meat loses about one third of its initial weight. We cut e.g.: T - Bone Steaks, Porterhouse Steaks or also Prime Ribs.

See you soon - we look forward to your visit