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El Rodizio – the Steakhouse at „Postplatz“ in Dresden offers you a variety of steak specialities. You will find a classic steak menu with beef filets or Rib-Eye Steak. This meat comes exclusively from Argentina and is cut to the gross weight. The steaks are prepared on a lava-stone grill thats giving them an unmistakable flavour – a MUST for any meat lover.

The highlight is our dry aged beef, which we are aging in our special fridge after this we cut it in different steak types. So you will find T - Bone Steak, Porterhouse Steak or a Prime Rib. The biggest steak is the Tomahawk with around 1kg.

The unique speciality is, of course, the Rodizio - all you can eat. It starts with salad, Dip‘s and Baguette on the table and then the Cortadore (the men with the meat skewers) comes around and cuts different kinds of meat on to your plate. Also included are sides like potatoes or vegetables. All will come again and again or as often you want. Our Tip: Don’t miss the grilled pineapple at the end.

We’ve got something to suit everyone’s (including vegetarians’) taste.

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